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Inspired by video games, laser skirmish is a live action and fun birthday party. This is family fun in the forest. We are run a 15-minute capture the flag mission. Rather than using a traditional flag made from cloth, we play Electronic Capture The Flag! Each team has a flag box. To score a point you need to shoot the other team’s flag box, then without being killed, get back to your flag box and shoot it. When you shoot the opposition’s flag box your gaming gun will say flag captured. When you successfully return a flag to your flag box your gaming gun will say flag returned. A team can have multiple flags in play at the same time. When a gamer has a flag, both hit lights in the head sensor will be flashing. If you see an opposition gamer with a flag, try to kill them before they get away. Unlimited respawns are available from your base. At the end of the game time the team which had control for the most time, wins! At the end of the game there will be a sound effect which says bravo team is victorious or alpha team is victorious!
  • Laser Laser Skirmish Mt Cotton
  • Laser Laser Skirmish Mt Cotton

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  • Mount Cotton
  • Qld 4165
  • Australia