Paintball Skirmish Australia

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Laser Laser Skirmish Mt Cotton

The Premier Laser venue in Laser Skirmish Mt Cotton.

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Laser Laser Skirmish Mt Cotton, 0

FROM $34.00per person


Welcome to the premier Laser venue in Laser Skirmish Mt Cotton & QLD.

Inspired by video games, laser skirmish is a live action and fun birthday party. This is family fun in the forest. We are run a 15-minute capture the flag mission. Rather than using a traditional flag made from cloth, we play Electronic Capture The Flag! Each team has a flag box. To score a point y...

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Laser Laser Skirmish Mt Cotton Location Map

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  • "Absolutely brilliant would recommend for sure cant wait to go again :)..."

    Archie Suckling

    RATED 4 out of 5

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